Monday, August 17, 2009

There Is Hope For Laconia's Ward 1

At least the folks in Laconia can derive some sense of relief from the entry of Marge Kerns into the race for City Council from Ward 1. While it’s doubtful that Marge would endorse converting the Laconia Federal Building into a homeless shelter, one can absolutely trust that she won’t lie or say something stupid.

Moreover, having observed Marge on the school board for nearly a decade, I’ve come to respect and appreciate her tenacity. There’s been no one who’s been a more fierce advocate of public education in general, and Laconia’s schools in particular, than Ms. Kerns. And I’m quite confident that she’ll bring that same devotion and advocacy to City Council.

Moreover, I’ve heard nothing but positive reports about Ms. Kerns’ performance as the head of Pharmacy at LRGHealthcare, a critical management position that affects the lives and livelihoods of so many local residents.

(Okay, I admit it. I’m also friends of Marge and her husband Tim, and admire all three of their sons, Patrick, Daniel and Andrew.)

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